Unlike most cloud based website hosting solutions, we are open about technology and are not seeking to lock you in.  We understand what that is like and want you to retain the flexibility you need to run your business.

CubeBuild was started as a store and warehouse management solution in 2010, and has been growing ever since.

Our permissive license allows you to host your website yourself, and the whole CMS component is freely available to you.  Because it is a multi-tennant application, you can host many sites on a single server.

Open Source

You can find the source at

We will be opening it up in January, 2016.  Email us at for more information.

For delivering interactive experiences, we use JSRazor (which is also distributed under an open source license), a component that renders HTML as javascript code.  This does not stop you using that any other technology you are comfortable with.

The CMS in distributed under the LGPL 3.0 license.  You are free to join in development.

All we ask is...

That you push any changes you make back to us for testing and inclusion.  We want CubeBuild to be great for everyone.


CubeBuild CMS is built using ASP.NET 4.5 in the C# language.

Linux support is on its way too, we are only a small number of steps away now that Mono Project 4.2 is available.

Database technology is currently provided by MySQL, and schema updates are automatically applied.


The components of the CMS are all pluggable from their settings to their front ends.  Each can be enabled or disabled on any site, and the database changes are managed for you.

See the Wiki and Blog projects as great examples of pluggable components.

The pluggability of the components makes CubeBuild CMS the perfect platform for your next endeavour, as all the content parts are done.  In fact, our retail and online store, events management and forms processing capabilities are all pluggable components.

Our licensing infrastructure allows for licensed components that can be enabled by an expiring license file, so what are you waiting for, I mean really.

Distributing Pluggable Components

Derived works that are implemented as a pluggable component need not be distributed under the same LGPL license as the CMS itself.  They can be licensed separately and can be distributed in isolation of the CMS, or with it at your discretion.


Our CMS does not lock you in to any particular design, even after you have selected a design as the basis of your website.  With CubeBuild designs, everything can be changed, and we need everything.

If you have CSS and HTML5 in your toolkit, you can turn a design into your own site.  Because you can export the designs as .ZIP archives, you can transport and even sell your designs.


A Theme from the CMS perspective is just a package of CSS that styles all the core components of the CMS, from the blog and wiki to forums, menus and home pages.

Feel free to fork our themes repository and create your own theme.  Our CSS is all built using LESS, and generally refers to a common library of CSS at compile time.

Associated Tools

The CMS contains a number of tools to copy websites between servers, in Site.Transfer.  It handles all the dirty items like database backup and restore, password obfuscation, and transfer of settings.

We also use it for all of our backup processes, as it extracts the whole site into a ZIP archive for easy storage and recreation.

Getting Started

We will soon be providing downloads and installers for CubeBuild Platform.

If you would like to install it for yourself, contact us at and we will get you started.

Hardware Requirements

Any Dedicated Windows Server or Virtual Private Windows Server on any provider platform.

We suggest Windows Server 2012+ as it supports SNI, which allows you to run multiple sites with multiple SSL certificates on the one server.

Any MySQL instance, we suggest 5.6+.  Your database server can be local, running on your Windows server, or remote running on Windows or Linux.

Software Requirements

CubeBuild CMS does not rely on external software.

You only need ASP.NET 4.5 installed on IIS.

On Linux

Coming Soon...