CubeBuild had its genesis, as did the team, in the development of a new warehouse and sales system for one of our customers.

Over several years and a range of customer experiences, we have learned, improved, and incorporated new ideas into a platform that is now both a strong CMS, and a capable application platform for developments in ASP.NET MVC.

Edit Everywhere

Its fundamental tennet is that everything is content, and everything is editable.  Even if it is an application page, you should be able to add content to it, style it, adjust it and make it your own.

Our Team

Over the period since inception in 2009, our team has changed several times, and expanded more than a few.  This has brought a number of perspectives to the platform and improvied its usability out of sight.  We really value the contributions of all who have been involved and will be involved.

While we may be ready to release, we don't see the software standing still.

The Future

Our roadmap is long, but not too long.  From here on it's all about integration and interaction.  From accounting systems to offline point-of-sale consoles, our vision is beyond where we are now, and growing by the day and by the customer.

A big thank you to all the customers who have added to the platform, provided feedback.  Every little bit, both positive and critical helps.  We won't make the platform better from here without all your valuable time and contributions.